Precious gift of 20 years

Its 2018 and I am almost 58. Life expectancy has increased significantly over the past decades. I have been given the potentiality of 20 extra years. Not at the end of my life, but now, between 50 and 70, before I get really ‘old’ ;o).

I feel, as Marie Catherine Bateson puts it, that I have been given 20 years to finally do things right. With all the knowledge, experience and wisdom that I have (hopefully) acquired up to now and without the short term pressure that has also driven my life before 50. These 20 years did not exist before! It’s new territory, a new adventure and an opportunity to finally focus on all that contributes to a better future for all and everything. I hope I will use them well…

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Closing the Gap

When I look at all the great concepts that are gradually becoming more mainstream in organisations (as brought by Laloux, Fox, Hougaard, Raworth… who stay mostly on the ‘organisation side’) it feels as if the gap with what is needed for a more sustainable and integrated version of our lives is closing.

Most is however brought and consumed as better or more subtle ways to keep on doing the same thing. And as long as we stay busy realising pre-conceived ideas, we remain disconnected from the reality at any one moment and nothing will really change. Something more may be needed.

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‘Free’ coaching

From now on my private coaching sessions will be free of any charge. Main reason is that it feels better (for me) this way. You will still make an investment in presence and time but this feels different and allows me to be a ‘freer’ listener and sparring partner.

This doesn’t necessarily make it easier for you as we are used to agree on a price in Euro’s before engaging in something. Not doing so forces us to think more deeply about the exchange we are entering into without the comfort of a upfront settlement through payment. Together we’ll find a way.

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