Once I understand the essence of certain life serving behavioral concepts it usually takes me a few years to integrate them into my day to day behavior. That is up to 95%. The last stretch from 95% up to 100% is the most challenging and takes another couple of years…

Before getting there (and only once in a while) I do however get shorts ‘preview’ of this 100% state. At such moments I get a taste of the full meaning and potential of such concepts such as ‘surrender’. In these brief moments when everything feels as it should be, I sense endless abundance (instead of scarcity) and direct connection. These moments are great incentives to keep on moving! ;o)

Transcending events

Well meant advise from a seasoned diplomat based on a holistic world view to look past ‘events’ and to let yourself inspire by ‘trends’ instead.

Thus freeing yourself from false images triggered by the fear of short term loss and opening up your mind to more realistic insights into the bigger picture and from there to more helpful strategies.

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When a sense of bliss is missing I now tend to take a moment to figure out why instead of pushing the feeling away and carrying on based on an (unhealthy?) ability to endure a certain situation for quite a while.

And when I alert enough to catch that moment I realise at the experience level that my sense of well being is directly related to my sense of connectedness. It is not much more complicated than that!

Lack of connection (or consciousness) = Lack in well being.

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What am I missing here?

As you probably know by now I’m investigating concepts such as dis-identification, equanimity, connectedness and letting go. Basically trying to align with what is without having the ego interfere. Something I haven’t figured out yet is to be completely sure that when moving in a certain direction I’m not still guided by some (well hidden) aversion or craving. Can I trust what seems obvious and to serve life at that moment?

My travel companion

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