What am I missing here?

As you probably know by now I’m investigating concepts such as dis-identification, equanimity, connectedness and letting go. Basically trying to align with what is without having the ego interfere. Something I haven’t figured out yet is to be completely sure that when moving in a certain direction I’m not still guided by some (well hidden) aversion or craving. Can I trust what seems obvious and to serve life at that moment?

My travel companion

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Travel log (dec 2018)

Trying to put words to where I think I’m at this moment:

1. Integrating rhythm: As I have come to realise that a daily mix of certain components (preferably in a certain order) helps me to stay connected (quiet time, movement, little food, mind time / work, food, social, work, quiet time). If one of those components is missing I tend to stay idle or move back. Now past the awareness stage on this and slowly but gradually integrating to this more beneficial rhythm.

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