Sparring Partner

Increase your sense of well-being in every day life by improving the quality of your interactions with yourself, with the people around you and with nature by opening up, learning to share and listen and truly accepting whatever follows.

Own your own it takes a long time to first discover what is needed and even longer to integrate your learnings into your every day life. Our aim is to help you, based on our own experience, to discover whatever separates you from this natural state of being and to help you to gradually remove any roadblock that hinders your progress.

Step 1. Re-discover openness and acceptance

The good news is there is no need to create a natural purpose in life. Your life will gradually unfold itself up to your full potential. Each next step is waiting close by to be discovered. Main effort lies in creating the space needed for them to show themselves to you. 

Step 2. Identify your personal roadblocks

First challenge is to identify whatever hinders you to achieve this state of being. Especially if there is no crisis that makes your personal very obvious. But if you are curious they will gradually become clear to you.

Step 3. Clear your roadblocks one by one

For each step of the journey there are many tools that can help you. We can help you to find the peace and stillness required for this quest and to determine what tools could be useful for you at any one point in time. Up to the point of letting go.

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Step 1: Rediscover openness

  1. sensing journeys
  2. deep listening
  3. (stillness) retreats 
  4. rewild your senses

Step 2 tools: Identify roadblocks

  1. research expeditions
  2. understanding ego
  3. story listening
  4. guided meditation

Step 3: Clear roadblocks

  1. cherish your conflicts
  2. hear (your) feelings and needs
  3. mind your body
  4. acceptance / letting go
  5. redefine structure of your work environment