Beauty of small steps

When my natural purpose in live became clear I started thinking about ways to integrate that into my work. This was however accompanied, as it quite often is, with a strong desire to have material ‘impact’. Meaning being involved in ‘big’ or ‘important’ projects in line with my calling.

This thinking however meant that all kind of beautiful but ‘smaller’ projects seemed to disqualify and little happened as ‘larger’ projects are usually quite difficult to launch succesfully. At the same time this search for ‘size’ did not match my desire for simplicity and human scale. At this point was helpful for me to visualize the beauty of small steps. It shows how quickly small actions nearby can radiate into something much larger.


This realization helps me to grow the peace of mind required to give full attention to every day contacts and actions (instead of living in the future). If your purpose is clear and pure it will travel fast and far on its own! If you inspire 3 people and they do the same after 4 rounds your intention has already reached 81 people… 


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