Bottom of the U? (2)

On August 6, 2017, I wrote that I thought that I had reached the bottom of my next U again. That still seems to be true in terms of the underlying theme and intent (connectedness). I have since however experienced that the ‘how’ side was still very much off and not very helpfull.

Now, almost one year later.., I realise that I although I was aiming to ‘trust the process’, ‘let go’ and ‘surrender’ that I was still trying to secure the future by ‘planning ahead’. Only after bumping my nose a couple more times I think I now have reached a certain level of integration of ‘acceptance’ (again with many thanks to ao David Hawkins).

This comes a with feeling of peacefulness and ‘not having to work so hard anymore’. It also seems as if the range of possibilities, opportunities and alternatives suddenly has become much wider and richer. The leftovers of my focus on achieving a certain goal were apparently blocking my senses. One more example of how understanding of a certain principle is one step and integrating that samen principle is quite another.

Let see what comes next… 


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