Closing the Gap

When I look at all the great concepts that are gradually becoming more mainstream in organisations (as brought by Laloux, Fox, Hougaard, Raworth… who stay mostly on the ‘organisation side’) it feels as if the gap with what is needed for a more sustainable and integrated version of our lives is closing.

Most is however brought and consumed as better or more subtle ways to keep on doing the same thing. And as long as we stay busy realising pre-conceived ideas, we remain disconnected from the reality at any one moment and nothing will really change. Something more may be needed.

I think the answers lies somewhere around integration of the acceptance of not knowing, to feel confident not to know. And to dare limit ourselves to try to do the right thing from moment to moment based on the most connected version of ourselves (as brought by Bly, Rosenberg, Hawkins, Bohn, … who are more on the ‘spiritual side’), drawing on our all senses and intuition.

The challenge seems to fill the gap between those two worlds. To somehow make what we know from our ‘spiritual side’ and integral part of our ‘organisation side’. This is probably however asking to much of existing structures at this point in time. The trust and time required to embrace having no ‘How’ following their ‘Why’ will not be given.

To move forward on this, as I never was much of a consultant or mass-communicator, and to satisfy my curiosity I will probably have to move on as entrepreneur and refocus QOL in this direction: No more ‘How’. A ‘Network into the Unknown’.


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