Coherence through dialogue

Our behaviour as human race is pretty incoherent at the moment and if sustained will lead to our downfall… Based on his findings in the field of theoretical physics (see video below) David Bohm suggest that we can resolve this lack of coherence by improving the quality of our dialogues.

In this interesting little booklet he explains that if we would not only listen more carefully to each other but would also withhold our judgement for a while (holding space) we will detach ourselves from our (unconscious and limiting) assumptions and create space for the coherence we need to survive to emerge. Whereby a sustained dialogue with a group size between 20 and 40 people would be the most productive setting for this phenomenon to happen.

On a smaller scale, this supports my theory around resolving conflicts between short vs long term interest ;o) See ‘Sustainbale long term solutions’. :o)


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