Embrace your Wabi Sabi

Over the years I have grown an affection for natural imperfection. Intense beauty created by a combination of time, simplicity and flaws. My live and spaces are filled with imperfections and only became wonderful when I finally started to embrace them. Not as a justification for making mistakes but as a starting point for growth. And as a realization that beauty lies in the contrast.

Schermafbeelding 2015-11-08 om 13.13.40

I wasn’t aware of this but this concept also seems to live at the heart of Japanese culture and is called Wabi SabiWabi meaning something like humbleness, simplicity, space. Sabi something like the impact of time. This partly reconciles me with the Japanese culture that from distance always seemed unnatural and brutal to me.

There is ‘a crack in everything… that’s how the light gets in‘ sings Leonard Cohen, one of my favorite artists, in Anthem. Accepting my own imperfections created the basis for my compassion for people around me and opened my eyes for their unexpected natural beauty. Being able to embrace Wabi Sabi is also an important pre-requisite when moving to self-management. Almost nothing is perfect but as long as it brings you forward towards your natural purpose it is the right thing for that moment in time.





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