Finding direction in a ‘faster’ world

It sometime feels like everything around us is moving faster and faster. Old methods of coping seem no longer as effective as before. That makes it difficult to bring the clarity we need and leaves us with a feeling of discomfort. In my search for a better way I have come to value the combination of two neglected practices.

1. Rewilding your senses: For some time now our senses (such as taste, smell, balance and many others) have been less needed for survival and therefore less sharp. As a consequence they have also become less effective as source of information about of what is happening around us. Cleansing and strengthening my senses restores this vital flow and provides me with the relevant, deep, pure information needed at any moment. In practical terms this means becoming again more able to discern various tastes, smells etc.

2. Continuous grounding: Next step is to avoid processing this information with the limited capacity of my brain only. By striving to feel grounded whilst dealing with this flow of information makes it possible to connect to all the knowledge, wisdom and processing power that is around us.

This process requires a fraction of the time and energy needed when following our ‘old’ methods. The result is a intuitive definite knowing of what direction to follow. The challenge then is to trust this outcome (when we move back to our brain only our let our ego have a go at it). Probably testing a new programme around this topic after the summer. For more information see: Six Senses Programme


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