First steps into my next U (2)

Having handed over a number of operational roles (around NL Healthcare) I start to have more ‘nothing planned in advance’ time. This allows me to gradually recharge various well used batteries and to glide down the left side of the U. Just trying to revive my senses and to see what comes up if I do not let myself guide by a sense of ‘must’ or ‘fear’.

Every other week I still need to remind myself to focus on letting go and on opening up to whatever (is already there and) ready to show itself instead of following my old habit of thinking ahead (what am I going to do next? and how will I get there?). Another relatively new topic for me is to become more aware (and get rid of) of a variety of sometimes well hidden ‘limiting beliefs’ etc. I wasn’t aware I had so many ;o)

The other end of the spectrum, knowing what doesn’t fit going forward, comes relatively easy. It’s quite clear to me what doesn’t give any energy can be left behind or doesn’t need to be investigated.

So far (approximately 3 months) the following components are alive:

  1. the purpose of QOL as described on the home page.
  2. a neglected connection to France. I was born near Paris and lived in Versailles until I was 13. I then followed my parents to their native country: the Netherlands. In the 43 years (sic!) that have since gone by France was not present in my life (apart from some connections with old friends and a (too) brief start up experience in Paris). I hardly ever thought about France and now feel I have neglected this side of myself and the desire to give it some attention.
  3. acting as  abridge between worlds that need each other to move forward but are somehow disconnected as is often the case today. Helping them to listen to each other, to understand each other and find to find a way to work together productively.

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