‘Free’ coaching

From now on my private coaching sessions will be free of any charge. Main reason is that it feels better (for me) this way. You will still make an investment in presence and time but this feels different and allows me to be a ‘freer’ listener and sparring partner.

This doesn’t necessarily make it easier for you as we are used to agree on a price in Euro’s before engaging in something. Not doing so forces us to think more deeply about the exchange we are entering into without the comfort of a upfront settlement through payment. Together we’ll find a way.

An advantage is that you only know afterwards if and how our exchange has enriched your life. And if at that point you feel that you want to donate an amount in return for what the coaching as brought to you than you are free to do so. This will be gratefully accepted and invested in further development of this practice.

It takes some time to feel confident enough to give without expecting anything in return. At the same time I try to open my mind for the many forms potential returns can show themselves. Some much more satisfying than Euro’s such as richer connections, feeling valued for who I am, being part of sustainable communities, being challenged on creativity etc..

Ps: See Precious gift to understand background of this search


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