What can we do? (1)

David Fleming is not so positive about our collective future as a species but focusses anyhow on the life style you an I should migrate to in order to create communities that are truly sustainable on the long run. Worthwhile even if you think it is too ‘late’ as David does.

In ‘Surviving the Future’ he digs much deeper than becoming ‘circular’ etc and offers a comprehensive set of key ingredients necessary to achieve such an alternative. With, and that appeals to me, a more human scale as starting point.

It is the road I’m trying to follow myself, step by step and for a while by now. Als helps me to talk at the experience level instead of a theoretical or philosophical level. Most contra-intuitive for me remains the necessity? to maintain a certain level of protectionism.

Hopefully a hybrid structure will evolve with varying levels of openness in which attractive local communities, each with their own distinct characteristics, can flourish almost everywhere. In a way that brings us forward on our individual and collective ‘Sadhana’ …

ps 1: next book on this topic will probably be: ‘What comes after Nations’ by Harvey Garver

ps2: by the same publisher (Chelsea Green) as: The Permaculture City, another great read in the same field!


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