Next step QOL?

Over the last 20 (sic!) years I have investigated, piloted and refined a variety of existing and emerging practices to close the gap between what we do (as individuals and institutions) and who we really are. Gradually bridging this gap makes me feel more connected (to myself and my environment) and as a consequence increases my sense of well being. Of course this is an ongoing, never ending, process.

Until now I did this mainly within the (relatively secure) realm of my own initiatives / organizations. Time has now come to let that go and to start sharing these insights more openly and start learning from that.

I hereby intend to focus on the following 2 topics:
1. what can I do to remove personal roadblocks in order to re-connect
2. what can I do to make my (work) environment stimulate and embrace connection

This means I will focus more and more on making myself available:
1. for open discussions on these topics
2. to provide an overview of available tools and methods
3. to help thinking about most suitable tool(s) in a particular situation

These tools can have a personal focus (increase self confidence/love, achieve equanimity, embrace vulnerability, resolve conflicts, non-violent communication etc.) or environmental focus (purpose driven institutions, make the environment safe, bring back trust, overcome short term focus, stimulate involvement, distribute leadership etc.). Each situation is unique and deserves it’s own mix of support tools to help the best version of itself to emerge gradually.

If you have any suggestions on the above please let me know! 06.54270488


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