Pilot trail Central Apennines (1)

Planning pilot trail in wildness in Italy for a group of people from NL Healthcare in June. It’s the first time this group, as part of a larger culture transformation program, travels together to ground in big nature for a few days.

I’m also excited as it is the first time I get to go to the ‘Parco Nazionale d’Abruzzo‘. This is also a focus area of Rewilding Europe, a terrific initiative that aims to reconnect us by making Europe a wilder place. What a great mission!

Foto’s by Rewilding Europe

Not only wolves but also boars and even… bears populate this area. Great advantage is that this destination is hopefully somewhat less cold than other wild area’s Scotland and the Pyrenean in June… We’ll see.

The program is flexible and will depend on what we come across but might look like this:

Day 1: Fly to Rome, proceed to Parco Nationale d’Abruzzo and start slowing down
Day 2: Trail towards Refugio del Falco, orientation, settling in and share stories
Day 3: Morning meditation, silent group walk, circle meeting and solo preparation
Day 4: Solo walk, sharing, cooking together, dinner and long rest
Day 5: Back to Rome and fly home



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