Potential intentions for the day

Jus a random list of potential intentions for the (work in progress!). Picking 1, 2 or 3 in the morning helps me to focus my energy where most needed. And to gradually integrate all of them into every day life…

  • To just observe
  • To be curious
  • To let others own their own feeling
  • To be still
  • To sense for flow
  • To be grounded
  • To hear feelings and needs of others
  • To seek fringes
  • To embrace little things
  • To be creative

  • To embrace weak ties
  • To Move from head to hart
  • To detox (mind (body/siprit)
  • To clarify the why
  • To go inside
  • To listen really
  • To express my own feelings and needs
  • To give
  • To not judge
  • To consciously stay in the now
  • To take action
  • To do nothing
  • To let it go
  • To truly accept
  • To laugh
  • To meditate
  • To love
  • To stay close
  • To move inside out
  • To rest
  • To clear senses
  • To practice
  • To open up
  • To slow down
  • To seek simplicity
  • To help
  • To embrace the unknown
  • To train the body
  • To …

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