Project ‘154’: Quality of life centre

Initial definition of the purpose of this new project (work in progress): Increased sense of well-being by maintaining equanimity in the midst of every day western life.

Underlying intentions of this purpose are to:

  1. help each other to discover personal roadblocks
  2. to share insights on nature of these roadblocks
  3. help each other to let go of these roadblocks

By creating a centre focused on:

  1. providing a safe environment in which one can experiment freely
  2. providing a supportive environment that understands and facilitates equanimity
  3. consistently applying empathic listening
  4. consistently applying empathic sharing
  5. compassion towards oneself in every situation
  6. compassion towards others in every situation
  7. one can meet fellow travellers on a similar quest ;o)

This project was born already 5 years ago but needed time to mature and was waiting for the right circumstances. Next step in this project are preparing a suitable location (in progress), starting to share its purpose (as I do now) and develop matching recognisable behaviour. Any feedback is welcome.


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