When a sense of bliss is missing I now tend to take a moment to figure out why instead of pushing the feeling away and carrying on based on an (unhealthy?) ability to endure a certain situation for quite a while.

And when I alert enough to catch that moment I realise at the experience level that my sense of well being is directly related to my sense of connectedness. It is not much more complicated than that!

Lack of connection (or consciousness) = Lack in well being.

And that the most beneficial action to re-establish connectedness for me is to slow down, reduce input, take time and to trust the process. Doing so creates space to re-focus on the quality of the attention with which I do whatever I’m doing at that moment. So it is not about what I do but about the kind of awareness I’m doing it with. And an in flow of well being is the direct result.

With time my need to disengage to re-connect as decreased. Partly because I now understand this and partly because I move in at an earlier stage so there is less ‘disconnection’ to deal with.


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