Quality of each step

Yesterday, half way up a Swiss mountain full of snow, with snow rackets that did not prevent sinking in up to my knees at every step. I had to stop every 5 to 10 steps to recover my breath. Meanwhile feeling a  disconnect from the beauty of the environment.

At some point I realised that this was not only due to my somewhat failing physical fitness but also because I was mainly focussing on reaching the top. As I started to shift my attention to each and every step two things happened instantly. Instead of 5 to 10 I could now take 20 to 25 steps before feeling the need to pause. And I started to notice all kind of details of my surroundings such as a variety of animal tracks.

I still had a clear destination in (the back of my) mind. It did however no longer distract me from the reality of every moment.

I face the same challenge around how to spend my time in the coming years. I have a clear idea of where I’m heading but sometimes to busy to figure out how to get there. Immediate consequence is that journey feels heavy and I do not see or sense what is offering itself to me. Delaying my progress and reducing the quality of the outcome as a result.

Now going back to creating the right conditions for focus on each and every moment and then trusting the process… This post (and some of my other posts) might sound a little simplistic or as an ‘open door’ but limiting myself to the essence helps me to move from knowing to gradually but really incorporating this knowledge into every day life (I hope).


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