Ripple effect

I am of course aware that my words have an effect on others around me. That is one of the reasons why I’m so interested ‘non violent communications‘. Until recently I have however never fully realised how large and direct the contagious effects of my emotions, thoughts and intentions (both positive and negative) on others are. I believe this to be true not only when ‘expressed’ but also when ‘hidden’.

The ripple effect on their interaction with others also makes me more responsible for our collective behaviour than I thought. The good news is however that if my mood is enriching for my environment, the same ripple effect applies. That means that the ‘impact’ of paying attention to positive radiation from moment to moment is already quite material. And more consequential than many of the other things I do.


Next to chosing my words more carefully my focus is now also on trying to make my (underlying) emotions and intentions are as clear as possible. Increased awareness of these emotions, thoughts and intentions is a first step. What also helps is to develop an awareness around the usually direct (but sometimes somewhat hidden) feedback that others gives with respect to our behaviour. Just by pausing to see what the effect is. I see this as my second ‘KPI’ next to my open heart ‘KPI’ ;o).

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