Rewilding your senses

Becoming a more open and sensitive person is wonderful but can also be quite a challenge. You can never fully process the ever growing flow of information. At the risk of developing unhealthy overactive behaviour and/or a passive low energy attitude. Both affecting my sense of well being.

I am therefor sometimes tempted to reduce the flow of information by moving (permanently) to a place where the pace is more adapted to our state of evolution. Populated by a limited number of people that are satisfied with what is (a blue zone). This is however not easy as it means disconnecting ourselves from our complicated but ‘native’ environment. For me it feels therefore more healthy and sustainable to…


aim for acceptance of the current reality. Focusing on feeling grounded and connected in my own environment (instead of processing information) helps me to reverse the trend as it provides a natural source of selection and guidance. My sensitivity then focuses on what is needed and helpful at any moment. This creates space to live the potential of that moment and at the same time restores my sense of well being. Step by step and trusting the process in an environment that is difficult but probably also the true frontier to a more balanced world.

At the same time I love to revive my senses and feeling of connection by short dives into nourishing environments such as Abruzzo in Italy. Why Abruzzo? Because it’s one of the places where one can experience how the world can revive itself. In 40% of this province disturbing constructions are removed (buildings, roads etc) and as a consequence nature shows itself again in all it’s beauty and mystery. Let me know if you want to join me in ones of these ‘wild hart’ trails. Dates for Abruzzo in 2017 are:

Trail 1: June 15 to 19
Trail 2: September 7 to 11

For mor information see Abruzzo or contact Diederik at 06.54270488


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