To un-separate as purpose (1)

Current phase of our evolution requires us to re-connect 2 worlds that used to be one but have lived separate lives for quite a while: the world of business, rationality and predictability & the world of creativity, intuition and trust. Un-separating them is probably my own natural purpose. 

My parents also strived for this connection: My father as a dreamer and hidden adventurer who obediently spent most of his time in the traditional part of the world. My mother as a natural creative free thinker trying to avoid conventions but not strong enough to do so fully on her own. Having lived in both worlds enables me to see how they can be brought together. Not being 100% part of either however also creates a challenge when it comes to the level of trust needed to be heard.

Looking at the bigger projects I’m involved with. was an outside-in project that came to live without the endorsement of the establishment, so that was relatively easy. NL Healthcare has however been build up within the traditional world and now aims to transform from the inside-out. First by building volume, followed by forming a core transformation team, clarifying the purpose and aligning culture and now starting the journey through the change roadmap trusting the process. Keeping all stakeholders connected to the joint underlying purpose of ’empowering lives’ is the main challenge during the transformative fase of NL Healthcare.

For more information on the relevance of a clear underlying purpose see Simon Sinek. For more inspiration on the importance of reconnecting see Joseph Jaworsky. To see how your parents purpose is linked to your own see Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield.



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