Slow down in Utah desert

When I want to move forward on some topic it is much more effective for me to focus on avoiding certain behavior or to clear specific roadblocks than to try very hard to achieve a certain goal.

So when looking to (re)connect to the whole I try to focus on drastic reduction unnatural input levels and to limit myself to observing carefully whatever is around me without any craving or aversion. To make  this somewhat easier I decided to spend some slow (solo) time in the desert around Keg Knoll in Utah …

2016-04-21 06.29.03

… with just a ‘bivy sack’ and some water in between the meandering canyons.

Schermafbeelding 2016-04-29 om 17.19.45

And after a few days of fasting all my senses become sharp again. Some beautiful and clear messages start to show themselves… and many hints of things that are waiting to be unveiled and experienced!

2016-04-25 16.22.45

As always I enter into these experiences clean from the outside… and leave them in need of a shave but very ‘clean’ from the inside!

2016-04-29 20.34.33

This time with specific thanks to Joseph Campbell for sharing his insights around the myths surrounding the Indians that used to live here! And to Jim for sharing his precious co-ordinates! And to Jim and Hein for their company, love and care. And thanks to Google maps for arial foto and Hein for some of the pictures.



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