Tensions as fuel

I used to avoid tensions as best I could. Either by ignoring them, by hiding or by trying to make them disappear as quickly as possible. Hoping for peace and harmony. Problem is that most tensions do not just disappear and the harmony is therefore only superficial. Ultimately they are bound to show themselves in some way.

On my long journey I did a number of things to learn to embrace tensions. Even to the extent of following a course to become a certified Mediator, trained at resolving conflicts efficiently. I now start to realize that tensions can also form an opportunity for growth. If properly addressed they will contribute to deeper levels of connection and consequently of energy.

Next step for me is now to bring these learnings into the companies I’m involved with. Basically by doing two things:

  1. creating an environment in which it is safe (and even valued) to bring up any tension
  2. organizing an efficient process to address these tensions as they arise.

Thereby improving the quality of the connection of all involved with themselves, with each other and with their environment. This process can then be used to clarify the governance structure of the company and nudge it towards the optimal structure to serve the company purpose. Thereby also creating an environment in which power can be distributed safely throughout the company. Enhancing the overall energy level as a consequence.

Brian Robertson has develop an ‘operating system’ that effectively supports this process called ‘Holacracy‘. After having followed his practitioners training I believe this to be the best available support tool at this point in time. And less painful than waiting for the next crisis.


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