Tipping point testing (1)

Now close to establishing if there is sufficient critical mass for ‘self management 2.0’ within a lead group of about 20 people of NL Healthcare (a healthcare company employing over 2.000 people) before moving to the actual implementation fase. If this flies it would be a live changing experience for all involved and hopefully an inspiration for others to move in this direction. If so this will also be one of the largest implementations of this ‘self management 2.0’ model in NL.


                      Strict but effective method for testing validity of objections ;o)

Significant effort has been put in creating the necessary conditions for an open and well informed debate. This consisted not only of:

1. getting (a core group) familiar with the basic principles of self management,
2. identifying surrounding organizational requirements and implementation challenges
3. prototyping, testing and piloting
4. double check on my own commitment, but also …

… of making sure that the entire governance structure has the potential to fully commit itself to consistently lead by example. Up to the point of restructuring the compositions of the various teams and platforms including the supervisory board. More time and effort would probably result in more comfort about the outcome but momentum has it’s own requirements.

To be continued shortly….


One thought on “Tipping point testing (1)

  1. More than enough support to move to the next phase! ;o) Now starting to build up implementation skills, plans and capacity. Challenge is to execute in a manner that provides direct benefits to all involved instead of adding more work load. Diederik

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