To Gonno & Hadewych

I believe that the most durable path back the best version of yourself is not so much about trying to achieve a certain goal. It is about creating the conditions under which your life can unfold itself. To create these conditions it is ‘sufficient’ to start clearing the roadblocks one has accumulated throughout the years. One by one, so that your personal purpose can emerge freely as you become lighter.

2016-08-15 08.36.42

Being able to look at things from an authentic, creative perspective, free of social pressure, is a gift from my mother, Gonno. And my daughter Hadewych inspires me by example when it comes to (persevering in) desired behavioral change. Both are very brave and I want to thank them for sharing their energy with me. A big help moving forward.

This little drawing could have been made by mother and features a baby courgette from our garden, one of Hadewych’s favorites on her long path to become a vegan at heart.


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