What can we do? (2)

Our society seems to have migrated deep into its ‘conservation’ phase. Our response to the increasing scale and complexity of the structures we have created is more standardisation, more rules and procedures, more regulations etc. Thereby gradually reducing the flexibility and resilience necessary survive as a system. As a consequence our potential is increasingly limited. What can we do to reverse this ‘downward’ trend?

If we let ourself be inspired by nature it is time to create room for smaller, independent, local, faster and more agile sub-systems to emerge. With ample freedom to experiment, adapt, recover and evolve at their own pace including the freedom to fail (as happens in every living creature including ourselves).

If done at a large enough and increasing scale this will gradually bring back our capacity to adapt thereby reducing the vulnerability of our of our society as a whole. Our focus should therefore be on creating the necessary environment and conditions for such sub-systems to emerge and teach us whatever they will discover.

With thanks to David Fleming for his Mobius graph. See also What can we do (1)


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