The beauty of Permaculture

Or how to feed ourself with minimum effort and footprint: Permaculture (or natural farming). The logic and benefits of permaculture are so obvious that it is hard to understand why not everybody who is involved in agriculture has yet switched to this efficient and sustainable practice.

Three main components are: to go with the flow of your direct environment (use plants, bushes, trees etc. that need little help to flourish), focus on the quality of your earth (limit activities that degrade the earth such as ploughing) and use species that you do not need to plant again every year (at high labour and energy costs).

Mark Shepard has written an attractive book on this topic. See below for the dutch translation by Maranka Spoor en Lucas Brouns (two frontrunners of permaculture in the Netherlands).

It also fits my growing conviction that taking small actions in my direct environment is often the most sustainable and enjoyable route to follow. I belief practicing permaculture will support my transition (and of those passing by) towards a more healthy and natural life style.

I therefor recently started to transform two acres of land to this model together with Lucas. First fase consists of careful observation of the present situation in order to discover what the natural tendencies of these acres are. Next fase will be to create an initial design. Planning to share more as we move forward.

For a nice introduction to the subject you can watch the following documentary: A farm for the future


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