What am I missing here?

As you probably know by now I’m investigating concepts such as dis-identification, equanimity, connectedness and letting go. Basically trying to align with what is without having the ego interfere. Something I haven’t figured out yet is to be completely sure that when moving in a certain direction I’m not still guided by some (well hidden) aversion or craving. Can I trust what seems obvious and to serve life at that moment?

My travel companion

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Travel log (dec 2018)

Trying to put words to where I think I’m at this moment:

1. Integrating rhythm: As I have come to realise that a daily mix of certain components (preferably in a certain order) helps me to stay connected (quiet time, movement, little food, mind time / work, food, social, work, quiet time). If one of those components is missing I tend to stay idle or move back. Now past the awareness stage on this and slowly but gradually integrating to this more beneficial rhythm.

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Ego (2)

I like the concept of the birth of the Ego in parallel with the development, as human beings, of our capacity to think. We gradually became our thoughts at the expense of our direct connection with what is. Before thinking there was no Ego.

Hopefully the nascent movement towards detachment of these thinking patterns and into awareness without attachment (to our thinking or form) will grow in strength over time. With a more peaceful world as consequence. See amongst others, A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle.

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What can we do? (2)

Our society seems to have migrated deep into its ‘conservation’ phase. Our response to the increasing scale and complexity of the structures we have created is more standardisation, more rules and procedures, more regulations etc. Thereby gradually reducing the flexibility and resilience necessary survive as a system. As a consequence our potential is increasingly limited. What can we do to reverse this ‘downward’ trend?

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