Never waste a good (career) crisis

A significant career challenge might not always be pleasant but with empathic guidance it can be turned into a unique opportunity to reconnect to yourself, rediscover your potential and come back stronger and more valuable than before.

Together we design a fully personalised programme that will support you in clearing roadblocks, recharging batteries and rediscovering direction and meaning. Our support is based on broad first hand experience of all the steps involved in this process.

Sensing with one of Fares Boustanji’s buzzards

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Letting go

Investigating the ‘final’ step, the art of surrender. Still far far away but the understanding of what it is about is gradually growing. Basically everything else is what you do when you are not yet ready for the moment of true acceptance. Helped ao by David Hawkins. Very American in style but quite interesting if you can read through that.

The good news is that it is not more complicated than this. Making it a constant practice is however a different matter.

I also very much like his list of all things people do before ‘giving over’ to surrendering. Quite a few things in there that I am / was still planning to do myself… ;o)

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First steps into my next U (2)

Having handed over a number of operational roles (around NL Healthcare) I start to have more ‘nothing planned in advance’ time. This allows me to gradually recharge various well used batteries and to glide down the left side of the U. Just trying to revive my senses and to see what comes up if I do not let myself guide by a sense of ‘must’ or ‘fear’.

Every other week I still need to remind myself to focus on letting go and on opening up to whatever (is already there and) ready to show itself instead of following my old habit of thinking ahead (what am I going to do next? and how will I get there?). Another relatively new topic for me is to become more aware (and get rid of) of a variety of sometimes well hidden ‘limiting beliefs’ etc. I wasn’t aware I had so many ;o)

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Discovering ‘Massif des Bauges’

Hesitating a little bit about sharing my recent experience in the ‘Massif des Bauges‘. Not that this blog has so many followers… but the area is relatively unspoiled (whilst being quite accessible) and should therefor be handled with care. Anyway my little Defender was feeling at home and happy in this environment! ;o).

There quite a few (non-guarded) ‘refuges’. I very much liked ‘Le Charbon’ below (see details) and also in the picture above.

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Project ‘154’: Quality of life centre

Initial definition of the purpose of this new project (work in progress): Increased sense of well-being by maintaining equanimity in the midst of every day western life.

Underlying intentions of this purpose are to:

  1. help each other to discover personal roadblocks
  2. to share insights on nature of these roadblocks
  3. help each other to let go of these roadblocks

By creating a centre focused on:

  1. providing a safe environment in which one can experiment freely
  2. providing a supportive environment that understands and facilitates equanimity
  3. consistently applying empathic listening
  4. consistently applying empathic sharing
  5. compassion towards oneself in every situation
  6. compassion towards others in every situation
  7. one can meet fellow travellers on a similar quest ;o)

This project was born already 5 years ago but needed time to mature and was waiting for the right circumstances. Next step in this project are preparing a suitable location (in progress), starting to share its purpose (as I do now) and develop matching recognisable behaviour. Any feedback is welcome.

My next U

Recently handed over most of my responsibilities related to the NL Healthcare project creating space to move through my next ‘U’. Currently working my way down it’s left leg and slowly but gradually embracing new levels of acceptance and presence (getting closer to the ‘letting go’ fase) but not completely done with moving inward and sensing as yet. Step by step and with little to share at the moment.

‘In my shell’

Holding space

I have come to appreciate ‘holding the space’ as one of the most loving and powerful forms of spending time together. Holding the space means to create a loving environment for somebody in which he or she can find direction or answers around whatever is relevant at that moment. I only started to realise the depth of this practice when I experienced it myself a few years ago. With gratitude to Marjolein Huber, one the most authentic and pure practitioners I haver ever met!

It takes some time to understand this concept fully and even more to translate it into practice but it creates lightness, energy and direction in every interaction. Heather Plett has written a wonderful blog about this topic which includes an overview of things to consider whilst practicing:

  1. Create space for people to trust their own intuition and wisdom
  2. Create environment in which people feel safe enough to fail
  3. Keep your own ego, stories etc. out of it
  4. Share only as much information as needed
  5. Don’t take power away
  6. Create a container for complex emotions, fear, trauma, etc
  7. Give guidance and help with humility and thoughtfulness (only when asked for)
  8. Allow for different decisions and different experiences than your own

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