Short version of the QOL story is that (at the age of 36…) I discovered that I had wandered far, far away from myself and my natural purpose in life. As a logical consequence I faced a number of personal and professional challenges. These challenges however provided me with the inner strength to finally take the first step on the long journey back to my natural self.

It took me quite some years to discover who I already was and to get rid of all the counter productive behavior that I had acquired over the years. Main reason that it took me so long is that I could not find a guide with clear understanding of the whole process and the various skills and tools required along the way.

QOL therefore aims to shorten this path for others that want to embarq on a similar journey by a offering comprehensive guidance throughout this journey. Increase your sense of well-being in every day life by improving the quality of your interactions with yourself, with the people around you and with nature.

For a longer version of this story or to discuss how QOL might help you (or your organisation) please do not hesitate to contact me.

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Overview of some of the lager project QOL has been involved with since 1996:


Founder and director of (1996-2015). Natural purpose of this leading consumer platform is to give an impuls to the transformation of the financial sector in NL towards a provider of peace of mind.



Founder and director of NL Healthcare (2004- 2016). Natural purpose of this leading healthcare provider is to give an impuls to the transformation of the healthcare in NL towards a sector that focuses on ‘helping people to live to their full potential’ or ‘Samen voor een zo gezond mogelijk leven’. Now contributing to this purpose from a more independent position.


Natural Mediator

Founder of Natural Mediator (2013- today). Natural purpose of this mediation company is to create a better word by helping to resolve conflicts in the social and healthcare sector.