Discovering ‘Massif des Bauges’

Hesitating a little bit about sharing my recent experience in the ‘Massif des Bauges‘. Not that this blog has so many followers… but the area is relatively unspoiled (whilst being quite accessible) and should therefor be handled with care. Anyway my little Defender was feeling at home and happy in this environment! ;o).

There quite a few (non-guarded) ‘refuges’. I very much liked ‘Le Charbon’ below (see details) and also in the picture above.

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Long & healthy in the ‘zone’

Finally planning to visit one of the Blue Zones as defined by Dan Buettner. The epicenter of my first zone is the Parco nazionale del Golfo di Orosei e del Gennargentu in Sardinia. People is these zones are reported to live long (high % of 100+) lives full of well-being. As my attention shifts towards promoting the well-being of (myself and) the people around me as a necessary pre-condition (whatever your underlying purpose is) I’m interested to learn more about what works and why.

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Blue Purpose

 As you probably know by now, my aim is to help people find and live their natural purpose in life. I recently read Blue Zones, a scientific study by Dan Buettner & National Geographic that supports my intuitive theorie on the importance of knowing and living your personal purpose. This study concludes that having a clear sense of purpose is one of the 9 differentiating lifestyle habits that make that people in these blue zones live a longer, happier and healthier life (past age 100!). Continue reading