4 expressions of ‘connectedness’

I think I hit the bottom of my latest U (around how I will focus my energy in the coming period) somewhere this summer. What emerged were various expressions of ‘connectedness’ as a key component of my quality of life. Over the past few years I have come te realise at the experential level that my degree of connectedness is probably the single most determining contributor to my sense of well-being.

Doppio 22.07.2107

So it seems QOL will, for the time being, focus on the following four expressions of connectedness:

  1. Social (focus on connectedness between others): conflict resolution, QOL lunch restaurant, promotion of distributed leadership, QOL 154 practice center
  2. Nature (focus on connectedness with what is close-by): 2 year ‘rewild your senses‘ programme, next fase ‘samen gezond’, experimenting with permaculture
  3. Heart (focus on connectedness with oneself): help to remove ‘roadblocks’, observing without judgment, attending to extended family and friends, (at)tensions, vipassana
  4. Personal (focus on connectedness with myself): daily mini-retreats, attending to personal needs, next levels of acceptance, yoga

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Embrace your Wabi Sabi

Over the years I have grown an affection for natural imperfection. Intense beauty created by a combination of time, simplicity and flaws. My live and spaces are filled with imperfections and only became wonderful when I finally started to embrace them. Not as a justification for making mistakes but as a starting point for growth. And as a realization that beauty lies in the contrast.

Schermafbeelding 2015-11-08 om 13.13.40

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(Solo) retreat

Spending time alone in the wild used to be quite common for centuries. As part of initiation rites or when in need to (re)connect to deeper layers or to sense the right way forward in line with your natural purpose. A beautiful book about the value of this time spent in the wild is Iron John by Robert Bly. It describes the value of recognizing and embracing your ‘dark’ side in order to become ‘one’ and move forward again. I can especially recommend the first half of this book (it only deals with the male side of things though). Continue reading