Evolving intentions

I start to realise that my underlying intentions are becoming more supportive of live (and less about control of life). Whilst reading a lovely book about dream work by Jill Mellick, The Art of Dreaming, I discovered a nice overview of different intentions behind everything to you do. From a ‘traditional’ approaches on the left side to a more ‘innovative’ approach on the right side.

This overview has helped me to put words to my intentions and as a consequence to become more conscious about my intentions from moment to moment. Over time I feel I am (no wonder) migrating to the right side. In orange a few my personal favourites:

Evolving intentions from ‘doing’ to ‘being’

Analyse     /     Nourish
Interpret     /     Explore
Identify     /     Imagine
Hypothesize     /     Guess
Work on     /     Be with, Play with
Get a handle on     /     Fly with
Apply to life     /     Give life to
Theorize     /     Inquire
Break down     /     Connect
Defuse     /     Infuse
Think about     /    Create around
Figure out     /     Sustain the mystery of
Assimilate     /     Accomodate
Categorize     /     Allow to evolve
Understand     /     Appreciate
Study     /     Learn
Observe     /     Participate
Research     /     Experience
Translate     /     Learn the language
Decode     /     Delight in
Tell, write down     /     Paint, dance, sing..
Denote, connote     /     Imagine, amplify
Simplify     /     Enrich

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