First steps into my next U (2)

Having handed over a number of operational roles (around NL Healthcare) I start to have more ‘nothing planned in advance’ time. This allows me to gradually recharge various well used batteries and to glide down the left side of the U. Just trying to revive my senses and to see what comes up if I do not let myself guide by a sense of ‘must’ or ‘fear’.

Every other week I still need to remind myself to focus on letting go and on opening up to whatever (is already there and) ready to show itself instead of following my old habit of thinking ahead (what am I going to do next? and how will I get there?). Another relatively new topic for me is to become more aware (and get rid of) of a variety of sometimes well hidden ‘limiting beliefs’ etc. I wasn’t aware I had so many ;o)

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Wild Hart Trail (2)

Each trail is a totally new and wonderful experience. The combination of animals, vegetation, weather and people is never the same and has it’s own energy, dynamics and discoveries. Trying not to replicate the experience of the previous (successful) trail used to be quite a challenge for me. This was not good for the group and not not good for me aswel. Glad to report that I have finally been able to leave that behind me (although the group was a ‘challenge’ due the great diversity in life experience and physical condition)!


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Beauty of small steps

When my natural purpose in live became clear I started thinking about ways to integrate that into my work. This was however accompanied, as it quite often is, with a strong desire to have material ‘impact’. Meaning being involved in ‘big’ or ‘important’ projects in line with my calling.

This thinking however meant that all kind of beautiful but ‘smaller’ projects seemed to disqualify and little happened as ‘larger’ projects are usually quite difficult to launch succesfully. At the same time this search for ‘size’ did not match my desire for simplicity and human scale. At this point was helpful for me to visualize the beauty of small steps. It shows how quickly small actions nearby can radiate into something much larger.


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Embrace your Wabi Sabi

Over the years I have grown an affection for natural imperfection. Intense beauty created by a combination of time, simplicity and flaws. My live and spaces are filled with imperfections and only became wonderful when I finally started to embrace them. Not as a justification for making mistakes but as a starting point for growth. And as a realization that beauty lies in the contrast.

Schermafbeelding 2015-11-08 om 13.13.40

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Further inspiration ‘Self management 2.0’

As you probably know by now my search for a company culture that addresses the specific challenges we face today has brought me to a model that helps people within the organisation to reach their full personal potential whilst giving all the space and trust needed for them to determine by themselves how to best anticipate or react to the ever changing environment within the overall vision and parameters of the company.

Whilst doing so it is helpfull that more and more litterature around the theoretical aspects of this organizational model is published. That makes it easier to transmit the basic idea to various stakeholders. Therefore also many thanks to:

1. ING as one of the larger organizations in NL that start embracing self management 2.0. For full article see Financieel Dagblad.

Schermafbeelding 2015-10-22 om 10.38.00

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Organizing energy (2)

Whilst gradually moving the organizations I’m involved with towards ‘self management’ (to liberate their full natural potential) I encountered a number of personal issues. These may be worth sharing as my success / failure as a (former) director to understand and cope with these issues greatly influenced the pace and success of the transition of the organization as a whole.

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Blue Purpose

 As you probably know by now, my aim is to help people find and live their natural purpose in life. I recently read Blue Zones, a scientific study by Dan Buettner & National Geographic that supports my intuitive theorie on the importance of knowing and living your personal purpose. This study concludes that having a clear sense of purpose is one of the 9 differentiating lifestyle habits that make that people in these blue zones live a longer, happier and healthier life (past age 100!). Continue reading

Organizing energy (1)

Having grown various start ups into large organizations I always wondered about the loss of energy and dynamics as we grew. I have therefor tested all kind of organizational structures in an attempt to maintain the energy that is so readily available in the beginning. My conclusion is that the only sustainable solution is to organize yourself in such a manner that every individual is intrinsically connected to the purpose of the organization but is at the same time completely free to act as he or she feels right within his or her area of responsibility. Continue reading