Evolving intentions

I start to realise that my underlying intentions are becoming more supportive of live (and less about control of life). Whilst reading a lovely book about dream work by Jill Mellick, The Art of Dreaming, I discovered a nice overview of different intentions behind everything to you do. From a ‘traditional’ approaches on the left side to a more ‘innovative’ approach on the right side.

This overview has helped me to put words to my intentions and as a consequence to become more conscious about my intentions from moment to moment. Over time I feel I am (no wonder) migrating to the right side. In orange a few my personal favourites:

Evolving intentions from ‘doing’ to ‘being’

Analyse     /     Nourish
Interpret     /     Explore
Identify     /     Imagine
Hypothesize     /     Guess
Work on     /     Be with, Play with
Get a handle on     /     Fly with
Apply to life     /     Give life to
Theorize     /     Inquire
Break down     /     Connect
Defuse     /     Infuse
Think about     /    Create around
Figure out     /     Sustain the mystery of
Assimilate     /     Accomodate
Categorize     /     Allow to evolve
Understand     /     Appreciate
Study     /     Learn
Observe     /     Participate
Research     /     Experience
Translate     /     Learn the language
Decode     /     Delight in
Tell, write down     /     Paint, dance, sing..
Denote, connote     /     Imagine, amplify
Simplify     /     Enrich

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Rewilding your senses

Becoming a more open and sensitive person is wonderful but can also be quite a challenge. You can never fully process the ever growing flow of information. At the risk of developing unhealthy overactive behaviour and/or a passive low energy attitude. Both affecting my sense of well being.

I am therefor sometimes tempted to reduce the flow of information by moving (permanently) to a place where the pace is more adapted to our state of evolution. Populated by a limited number of people that are satisfied with what is (a blue zone). This is however not easy as it means disconnecting ourselves from our complicated but ‘native’ environment. For me it feels therefore more healthy and sustainable to…


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Wild Hart Trail (2)

Each trail is a totally new and wonderful experience. The combination of animals, vegetation, weather and people is never the same and has it’s own energy, dynamics and discoveries. Trying not to replicate the experience of the previous (successful) trail used to be quite a challenge for me. This was not good for the group and not not good for me aswel. Glad to report that I have finally been able to leave that behind me (although the group was a ‘challenge’ due the great diversity in life experience and physical condition)!


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Wild Hart Trail

Back from first NL Healthcare Wild Hart trip in the Apennines close to Pescaserolli. About 35% of the province of Abruzzo is left to rewild itself. Result is a magnificent area where you can feel that is the nature is gaining strength on many dimensions.

Core of the NLHC program was build on this to rewild our own senses including our harts (as part of a broader culture transformation program) by spending slow time in this area. Even spotted this wild bear on my first morning walk ;o) Also spotted quite a few fresh wolf tracks.

2016-07-05 06.56.55-2

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