Discovering ‘Massif des Bauges’

Hesitating a little bit about sharing my recent experience in the ‘Massif des Bauges‘. Not that this blog has so many followers… but the area is relatively unspoiled (whilst being quite accessible) and should therefor be handled with care. Anyway my little Defender was feeling at home and happy in this environment! ;o).

There quite a few (non-guarded) ‘refuges’. I very much liked ‘Le Charbon’ below (see details) and also in the picture above.

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Slow down in Utah desert

When I want to move forward on some topic it is much more effective for me to focus on avoiding certain behavior or to clear specific roadblocks than to try very hard to achieve a certain goal.

So when looking to (re)connect to the whole I try to focus on drastic reduction unnatural input levels and to limit myself to observing carefully whatever is around me without any craving or aversion. To make  this somewhat easier I decided to spend some slow (solo) time in the desert around Keg Knoll in Utah …

2016-04-21 06.29.03

… with just a ‘bivy sack’ and some water in between the meandering canyons.

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Trail preparation, Lac d’Oo, Pyrenees (1)

Testing a new destination for transformation trails in August. Some parts of the Pyrenees are as wild and remote as Scotland but not so wet and… less midges. It takes a 2 hours flight to Toulouse (FR) and a 2 hours drive to the starting point in Les Granges d’Astau. Followed by a healthy walk up the mountain to our base camp, le Refuge du lac d’Oo.


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Deep listening

I’m,  by about 5 to 10 years, younger then my 3 older brothers. This age difference was too big to really connect to my brothers when still young. As a consequence I more or less grew up as an only child. Mostly observing what was happening around me with a minimum of communication and interaction.

To still be able to evaluate people and situations I had to develop strong sensing skills. Having difficulty acquiring knowledge through reading (because of dyslexia) also demanded above average  ‘listening’ and ‘guessing’ skills. But only much later, when my self confidence was restored, these various ‘survival techniques’ became real assets from which I now benefit on a daily basis Continue reading