First steps into my next U (2)

Having handed over a number of operational roles (around NL Healthcare) I start to have more ‘nothing planned in advance’ time. This allows me to gradually recharge various well used batteries and to glide down the left side of the U. Just trying to revive my senses and to see what comes up if I do not let myself guide by a sense of ‘must’ or ‘fear’.

Every other week I still need to remind myself to focus on letting go and on opening up to whatever (is already there and) ready to show itself instead of following my old habit of thinking ahead (what am I going to do next? and how will I get there?). Another relatively new topic for me is to become more aware (and get rid of) of a variety of sometimes well hidden ‘limiting beliefs’ etc. I wasn’t aware I had so many ;o)

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Rewilding your senses

Becoming a more open and sensitive person is wonderful but can also be quite a challenge. You can never fully process the ever growing flow of information. At the risk of developing unhealthy overactive behaviour and/or a passive low energy attitude. Both affecting my sense of well being.

I am therefor sometimes tempted to reduce the flow of information by moving (permanently) to a place where the pace is more adapted to our state of evolution. Populated by a limited number of people that are satisfied with what is (a blue zone). This is however not easy as it means disconnecting ourselves from our complicated but ‘native’ environment. For me it feels therefore more healthy and sustainable to…


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Slow down in Utah desert

When I want to move forward on some topic it is much more effective for me to focus on avoiding certain behavior or to clear specific roadblocks than to try very hard to achieve a certain goal.

So when looking to (re)connect to the whole I try to focus on drastic reduction unnatural input levels and to limit myself to observing carefully whatever is around me without any craving or aversion. To make  this somewhat easier I decided to spend some slow (solo) time in the desert around Keg Knoll in Utah …

2016-04-21 06.29.03

… with just a ‘bivy sack’ and some water in between the meandering canyons.

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Letting go of old shoes…

… without knowing when you’ll be able to get new ones. That is something that I have often tried to avoid. I like to keep my old ones until I’m sure the new ones fit perfectly. Specially when it concerns an area where I have seen others getting into trouble because they didn’t.

But this time it seems I really have to let go before I know where I will land. For a while I have tried to follow my trusted method as I’m migrating to a next phase in my ‘professional’ live but somehow it does not work anymore. Not being able of letting go actually prevents me from discovering what is next.

Creative, Rational and Useless

Creative, Rational and Useless

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Blue Purpose

 As you probably know by now, my aim is to help people find and live their natural purpose in life. I recently read Blue Zones, a scientific study by Dan Buettner & National Geographic that supports my intuitive theorie on the importance of knowing and living your personal purpose. This study concludes that having a clear sense of purpose is one of the 9 differentiating lifestyle habits that make that people in these blue zones live a longer, happier and healthier life (past age 100!). Continue reading

My first U

My first major step on the road back to my own natural purpose was when I found myself in a dead end career street. This was in Singapore in 1996. After years of slowly moving forward based on force, denial and perseverance I could no longer pretend that everything was allright. I did not get fired, there was no burn out or other big crisis but I felt very much alone and unhappy. People did’t see me or when they did, preferred to avoid me. Nobody respected my insights or work. In hindsight this proved to be a blessing in disguise. It made me rent a small boat for a trip along the coast of Borneo. That is when I started listening closely to myself instead of others…  Continue reading

(Solo) retreat

Spending time alone in the wild used to be quite common for centuries. As part of initiation rites or when in need to (re)connect to deeper layers or to sense the right way forward in line with your natural purpose. A beautiful book about the value of this time spent in the wild is Iron John by Robert Bly. It describes the value of recognizing and embracing your ‘dark’ side in order to become ‘one’ and move forward again. I can especially recommend the first half of this book (it only deals with the male side of things though). Continue reading