Balancing hart, mind and business

One of my personal roadblocks was that I extensively trained myself to (try to) control my world through my mind and ‘manipulative’ behavior. I’m smart enough (as we all are) to create a logical and ‘objective’ explanation for my own ideas and behavior. Truly believing, as a consequence, that my views are superior to the views of others or even to the laws of nature. So one of my bigger challenges was to create a healthier balance by gradually  allowing more and more space for my hart and intuition. Un-learning this bias towards the mind required a lot of patience and perseverance.

2015-05-13 20.05.06

I used a wide variety of tools to move from mind to hart. Basically learning to accept myself as I am and the world around me as it is at any time. In the first fase the most effective tools for me were the more fysical ones (where the mind plays a less prominent part). Starting with long-distance running (meditative but also addictive), then massages (temporarily takes away symptoms such as shoulderpain) gradually moving towards Haptonomie (very efficient as its helps you to listen to your body throughout the day) finally landing with a combination of Meditation (Vipassana) and Yoga (still early stage).

In parallel as I did not feel enough space for this more holistic behavior in existing organizations (we are talking mid 90’s here). I therefor decided to create my own work environment, basically trying to reunite both worlds: a business with a hart. This proved to be very good for me and my environment. The succes of the various business initiatives that followed such as and NL Healthcare are examples thereof.


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