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 As you probably know by now, my aim is to help people find and live their natural purpose in life. I recently read Blue Zones, a scientific study by Dan Buettner & National Geographic that supports my intuitive theorie on the importance of knowing and living your personal purpose. This study concludes that having a clear sense of purpose is one of the 9 differentiating lifestyle habits that make that people in these blue zones live a longer, happier and healthier life (past age 100!).

I believe the same thing to be true for companies. A clear sustainable purpose creates targeted positive energy, increases spontaneous likability (thereby lowering marketing costs) and staff contribution and loyalty (thereby lowering marketing costs). Anyway, it is always nice to find some back up theorie to confirm that you can trust your instincts!

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Below Dan’s list of the 9 lifestyle habits of people living in the 4 blue zones he studied (Barbara region in Sardinia, Ryukyu islands in Okinawa, Adventist community in Los Angeles, Hojancha village in Costa rica):

  1. Move naturally (daily walks, gardening… no sports!)
  2. Knowing your sense of purpose (extends life expectancy by 7 years)
  3. Down shift (slow down, mindful and with aim)
  4. 80% full is enough (no over-eating)
  5. Eat plant based (mostly)
  6. Drink a little wine (with friends)
  7. Belong (attending faith based gatherings)
  8. Loved ones first (keep family and generations close)
  9. Supportive environment (move in social groups that supports this lifestyle)

Not so far away from one of my first draft for a perfect day ;o). Slowly but steadily progressing in this direction. Hopefully over time turning base camp in Westbroek into a new ‘blue zone’!

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For more information click: Blue Zones


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