Can I talk before I walk?

One of things I’m still struggling with is that I’m ‘preaching’ concepts like: transparency, openness, vulnerability, authenticity, natural purpose, sustainability etc. whilst I’m not fully there myself… So when I speak to others about this I also speak to myself!

Somehow that doesn’t feel right. My temporary solution is to be open about the fact that I’m not there yet. Hence this small post about the process I’m still going through!

Training the mind is quite a challenge. The picture below (I took in a Tibetan monastery 2 years ago) depicts a well known buddhist tale about the meditator (you and me), the elephant (representing our ‘mind’) and the monkey (representing ‘distraction’).


Gradually the meditator manages to control the mind (which then slowly turns white). But it only becomes fully white once the monkey (or ‘distraction’) is left behind, just before the last turn.

These ‘distractions’ can take many forms and are usually our protection mechanisms to cope with old (or fresh) pain. Identifying these mechanisms is one thing. Letting go of them is quite another and requires full acceptance of what is. To do so I need to feel compassion for myself. Meanwhile hoping that others will do the same.

Even if I do not get to the next stage, experiencing the stiff challenges of full acceptance, has told me not to judge anybody. We are all struggling along the same path. And that is a big step forward in itself as it enables me to show compassion for others.

2015-05-13 20.05.06


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