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Having grown various start ups into large organizations I always wondered about the loss of energy and dynamics as we grew. I have therefor tested all kind of organizational structures in an attempt to maintain the energy that is so readily available in the beginning. My conclusion is that the only sustainable solution is to organize yourself in such a manner that every individual is intrinsically connected to the purpose of the organization but is at the same time completely free to act as he or she feels right within his or her area of responsibility.

It is a joy to work in such an organization where people are self motivated, sensitive (to themselves and their environment) and positive. The result is an extremely flexible and productive organization that stays close to its natural purpose and the interests of all involved. Social and business interests are therefor fully aligned. Sharing these insights is in turn close to my own natural purpose. I am currently involved in the introduction of these principles in a large healthcare organization.

You can find more and more literature around this philosophy. Reinventing Organizations from Frederic Laloux is a good one to get started with. It gives a comprehensive overview of the evolution of organizational structures and describes a number of recent examples.

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An american (too) well documented version of this philosophy is called Holocracy. Implementing these principles as from day one is one thing but transforming an already existing structure is a different challenge. Still learning myself and will come back on this later.


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  1. A colleague at NL Healthcare just offered me a nice little book on this topic. It is a story, called Gung Ho! by Ken Blanchard, describing an implementation of the basics of this way of working together in an american factory. A further sign that the awereness is growing within NL Healthcare ;o)

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