Letting go of old shoes…

… without knowing when you’ll be able to get new ones. That is something that I have often tried to avoid. I like to keep my old ones until I’m sure the new ones fit perfectly. Specially when it concerns an area where I have seen others getting into trouble because they didn’t.

But this time it seems I really have to let go before I know where I will land. For a while I have tried to follow my trusted method as I’m migrating to a next phase in my ‘professional’ live but somehow it does not work anymore. Not being able of letting go actually prevents me from discovering what is next.

Creative, Rational and Useless

Creative, Rational and Useless

I believe that is because for this next fase the so called ‘professional’ and ‘personal’ fields are no longer separate and have merged into one. This means the creative but rational process that worked as long as it concerned a ‘separate’ professional live no longer fits and I need to open up to whatever natural purpose unfolds to me. As long as I do this fully and honestly I do not have to worry about the outcome.

To speak in U theorie terms, I have already descended the left side of this big U and I’m currently completely at the bottom, patiently waiting to see what will emerge on the other side. I’ll keep you posted on my progress… and please come and save me if necessary ;o)

Guiding others through this process is one thing. Guiding yourself is, as I have already experienced in previous personal transformations, quite a different challenge. The basic reason for being behind QOL!

2014-04-13 08.36.40

Earlier more accurate version


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