Magic mushrooms

I’m not a cook. Nor is cooking my passion. Making a wide range of quite tasty and good looking dishes just based on whatever happens to be around is however relatively easy for me. And I do have a passion for preparing a meal and a table for others. My aim is to create an atmosphere that triggers people to share live stories and laughters and to listen to each other compassionately. Moments that people will remember. I gather ideas around this in my red indian made scrap book on the picture just below.

2015-04-18 14.35.23

I love (preferrably locally grown) vegetables but (wild) mushrooms are my favorite ingredient. I love their basic but refined looks, smell, texture and taste. And they can easily replace meat or fish. My favorite varieties are: pied de mouton, shiitake, morille (those on the picture are from the central market in the small town where I lived until I was 13 years old: Versailles) and chanterelle.

2015-05-05 12.07.29

As these ‘sharing’ meals usually bring new inspiration for your next step on your journey towards your natural purpose, I’m currently aiming to make these a bigger part of my ‘transformation work’. The kitchen in QOL’s base camp at Westbroek has been designed tot this effect and is starting to host all kind of ‘food’ events.

2014-05-07 21.01.10

I do also love to visiting markets, especially with my daughter Hadewych who even keeps a blog on markets:! Pop-up restaurants, new food-truck concepts, new restaurant concepts etc. have also my interest but that is a separate story.


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