Base camp

Finding a space that matches the spirit of QOL was quite a challenge and took about 5 years. Westbroek combines authenticity, ample true nature (by NL standards), beautiful skies and long days. It’s the perfect place for slowing down, listening to inner voices, (re)connection with oneself and others, long walks and talks, mindful cooking, eating and drinking. It is also nearby so travel time is limited.

2014-06-02 16.10.31 kopie

First there was a thick ‘mood book’ full of ideas, drawings and cuttings about locations and activities. Then I wandered around areas that matched the basic criteria such as authenticity. I didn’t know NL is so beautiful once you leave the beaten track. 

2015-04-18 14.33.18

2015-04-18 14.35.23

Finally focusing on the Westbroek area, a well kept secret between Hilversum and Utrecht. To find the right spot on the Kerkdijk 156 neighboring the exceptionally wonderful Westbroekse Zodden nature reserve took about 2 more years. Click here for more pictures.

2014-04-13 08.37.39


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