Sensing what is (1)

Stillness and mediation are strong allies when reconnecting to your natural purpose. After trying various forms of (guided) meditation and I find myself the most comfortable with Vipassana. It is in my view the most natural and pure vorm of contemplation (as personally developed by Buddha). It only requires to observe without reacting (easier said than done). It excludes chanting, verbalization, visualization or other techniques that disturb from fully sensing whatever is at a certain point in time.

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To get full benefits about 2 hours of practice a day is recommended. That type of life style comes easier when being in the East (close to the origins of Vipassana) but is quite challenging when living in the West. I did my training in 2012 and 2015 in Kanchanabury a lovely place about 6 hours drive north west of Bangkok (close to the Myanmar border).

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The initial (minimum 10 day) training program takes place in complete silence and is rigorous (see schedule below). And living on a cushion of 1 by 1 also (Nr 6 was mine). And that is only the beginning…

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