Trail preparation, Lac d’Oo, Pyrenees (1)

Testing a new destination for transformation trails in August. Some parts of the Pyrenees are as wild and remote as Scotland but not so wet and… less midges. It takes a 2 hours flight to Toulouse (FR) and a 2 hours drive to the starting point in Les Granges d’Astau. Followed by a healthy walk up the mountain to our base camp, le Refuge du lac d’Oo.


Basic program set up remains the same:

– Day 1: travel to Lac d’Oo
– Day 2: landing, group walk and reflection
– Day 3: reflection, group walk and preparation solo
– Day 4: reflection, solo walk and night
– Day 5: return to camp, sharing and rest
– Day 6: travel back home

The solo part of the program will take place somewhat deeper into the mountains, around the Cabane d’Arrouge.


Because cell phone coverage is limited in this area (as it should be) I have acquired a Iridium satellite phone for security purposes. Getting quite professional… 


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