Trail report, Rum Scotland (2)

Just piloted a transformation trail on Rum with a few willing guinea pigs. Result was a powerful mix of: wonderful rough nature, beautiful hikes, few people, lots of sun (exceptional) and lots of rain (very common), strong wind (also very common), wet feet, almost no phone/internet coverage, yoga sessions on pristine beaches and surfing close to comfort zones.

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In short a perfect island for a transformation retreat. Rum makes you reconnect to nature and yourself in a natural effortless manner. Program set up was just right, although we adjusted it a bit to match the weather conditions:

– Day 1: travel to Rum
– Day 2: landing, group walk and reflection
– Day 3: reflection, group walk and preparation solo
– Day 4: reflection, solo walk and night
– Day 5: return to camp, sharing and rest
– Day 6: travel back home

Yoga proved to be a valuable addition to the mix of ingredients, also for those with little or no experience (thank you Angela!). Only issue with this part of Scotland is the limited period of time when conditions are suitable for a trail, ie not too cold and no midgies, (1/5 to 15/6 and 15/8 to 30/9) and (non-stop) rain is always a risk. So my advise would be to save this destination for groups that can handle such conditions / bring the proper gear.

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Few tips for those interested:

  1. Book well advance, accommodation is very limited and often full! I recommend the Bunkhouse!
  2. Make sure to include the Potter train to Mallaig if you come from Glasgow
  3. Plan an overnight stay in either one of the 2 booties Guirdil (sunset) or Dibidil (sunrise)
  4. Make sure you bring sufficient supplies to the island for the duration of your stay.

Let us know if you need some assistance in organizing your trail, an intense but valuable experience.

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2 thoughts on “Trail report, Rum Scotland (2)

  1. It was nice meeting you on Rum. I had my own spiritual journey and meeting you all blended in perfectly. Thanks for this beautiful picture of Guirdil bothy with me siting in front of it, talking to the red deer. Arjen

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