Quality of life Q4 2016

When I observe the world around me at the moment I sense a lot of fear:
1. From long ignored voices trying to survive by following new uncertain ways to be heard.
2. From, until recently confident, voices that start to realise that the future might not be as simple and predictable as before.

As both voices are becoming louder and louder tensions rise further and it becomes more and more difficult to really listen to one another. In other words we are moving up the conflict ladder whereby the focus moves towards short term self interest. Reducing quality of life of all involved and making reconciliation harder to achieve.

The moments that I’m capable to observe without judgement, craving or aversion, I realise that I’m as much part of this reality as anybody else. That I’m also responsible and need do to my part. The sooner I (we…) start moving down the conflict ladder the less painful the, in the long run unavoidable, transition to a more balanced and inclusive order / world will be.

2016-04-25 07.10.49

For me this means ao  that I need to free myself from what holds me back in my endeavour to help establish organisational structures that embrace tensions as fuel (instead of denying them) and follow a clear and inclusive process to transform these in a step forward for everybody. One tension at the time. If I do not follow this path the projects I’m involved with will keep contributing to an unsustainable future. Hope to be back soon with what this means in practical terms.

Interesting analysis of the current situation by Otto Scharmer in the Huffington Post: Our blind spot


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