My ego has served me well for many years. I grew it mainly whilst attending a primary school in France called ‘Les Chataigniers’ or (sweet) ‘Chestnut’ to protect me from all (perceived) threats in my live.

In the past few years I have however (as others before me) experienced that I feel much better when I manage to leave it aside. It has clear positive effect on the quality of my connectedness to my environment. My ego is not happy with this development and is struggling to remain a prominent component in my behaviour.

Sweet Chestnut, Mandali 2017

As it served me well in the past it doesn’t feel right to just try to make my ego disappear as many philosophers suggest. So instead, as a next step, I have collected a sweet chestnut (in Mandali) which I’m currently nursing and will plant in my garden in 2018. Nearby as a reminder of its power and services but also clearly separate from me. To be continued… ;o)


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