Letting go (2)

For a more practicle description of the path to acceptance you can read ‘The Surrender Experiment’ by Michael Singer (vs the more technical description of this process by David Hawkins). His practice is to go with whatever remains after you let go completely of personal likes or dislikes about the matter at hand.

His story however leaves me with some questions around the outcome of his process: a large successful company in automated healthcare administration…? And legal proceedings conclude in his favour but extending over more than 10 years and USD 100 million…?

It may be wise to add a second check before following on what remains after the first one: (How) does this serve live? Or to read the less accessible ‘Letting go’ by Hawkins in parallel.

With thanks to Roland Slot introducing me to this experiment and another book by Michael Singer on this topic: The Untethered Soul




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