Hearing feeling and needs

It is no secret that I’m a big fan of Non Violent Communication as it greatly improves the quality of my connections to others. Basis of NVC is quite simple: focus on hearing (or sharing) at the level of feeling and needs. For me this is easier said than done… at least consistently. This is partly because I still tend to hear (or share) judgments, praise criticisms etc. which blocks me from really listening. But also because my active vocabulary to describe the many feeling (‘negative’ and ‘positive’) and needs one can experience is relatively shallow.

Overview cards by Ai-Opener

What I want to share today is a nice little tool developed by Ai-Opener & Blue Energy Compass that helps your to clarify your own and others feelings and needs. It consists of two decks of cards and the proces is quite simple. You take in mind whatever is being said or keeps you busy. Then you select the feeling cards that somehow resonate around this topic. After a sharp second look at this selection you do the same thing for the underlying needs. What remains is a clear overview of what you feel and needs are on this subject. Seeing it like this in front of me instead of in mind mind somehow makes it easier for me to clarify and move forward ;o)

Feeling and needs cards by …

Click here for the inventory of the Centre for Non Violent Communication. See also NL interpretation of Marshall Rosenberg.


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